Girls 10U 'B1' Tournament

Date January 24-26, 2020
Entry Fee $1200 No Gate Fees
10UA Teams Allowed 8
Guaranteed Games 4

We are hosting 10U "B" level tournaments this year.  We will be "tiering" the levels.  The B1 & B2 levels typically aren't used for 10U designations, but wanted to do it this way to make sure we offer appropriate competitiveness in our 10UB Tourneys.  Please register for 10UB1 or 10UB2 accordingly.  We are NOT hosting a 10U-A tournament this year.

In order to keep this tournament competitive for all teams, please enter your team at the proper level.  Typically programs with only one 10U B team have a couple players that could be on an A team and a couple of brand new skaters.  If this sounds like your team, you will want to enter the B1 division.  The B2 division tends to be for teams that have a lot of new or second year skaters.  Please take a close look at what teams your program will have before you enter.  We don't want a team to win/lose every game by 10 goals.  Thank you!