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Reach your Goal Shot Club

Brainerd Hockey Summer Puck Shooting Club

You're invited to sign up for the Brainerd Hockey summer puck shooting and stick handling club!


We have brought back the summer shooting program to help promote a low cost, off-ice way to improve your stick handling and shooting skills.

What is it??

The program is an online program to help set some goals on how many pucks your player wants to shoot this summer to help improve their skill level.  Instead of requiring you to shoot 5,000 or 10,000 pucks, we are using this program to allow you to set your own realistic goal and an online way to track and monitor your progress and compare it with the progress of everyone at that age level!  

We are encouraging players to shoot around 100 pucks in a session rather than waiting until the final days and shooting them all in one or two days.  The focus will be on using proper technique to shoot the puck harder and more accurately.  When kids shoot a lot of pucks in a day they tend to use poor technique and start to develop bad habits that carry over to their time on the ice.  We would rather see them shoot less pucks each time more frequently at a higher quality.  Remember to also mix in some various stick handling drills for 10-15 minutes each session to really impact your training.  Watch the videos below for some pointers on shooting the puck properly.

All players that participate and reach their goals will receive recognition at the rink and be eligible for some really cool prizes!

How do we sign up??

Go online with the links below that correspond with your child’s level of play and sign them up!  Please be sure to help your player/s with the logging process to help ensure they are actually doing the work and meeting their goals.  

Sign up link for 2018 Summer Shot Club coming soon!

Summer Shot Club Results

The 2017 BAHA Summer Shot Club had 43 players tracking their progress with a total of 117,427 pucks shot between June 1 - August 31!  The following prizes were awarded to the top three:

1st - $100 Hockey House gift card
2nd - $50 Hockey House gift card
3rd - $25 Hockey House gift card

Top three shooters are:

1st - Griffen Hannah  10, 045 pucks shot 
2nd - Ashton Extrand 10, 040 pucks shot
3rd - Sienna Swanberg 8,539 pucks shot

Congratulations to our top three and everyone that participated.  Your hard work and dedication is appreciated and Brainerd Hockey continues to get better thanks to your efforts!