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BAHA Picture Day Pro Team Photos

BAHA 2019-2020 Picture Days

Hello BAHA Families!

It's that time of year again....BAHA Picture Days!  

BAHA has once again partnered with Picture Day Pro to deliver great quality photos of our players.  Picture Day Pro also donates back a portion of the proceeds to BAHA!

Picture days are:

Monday December 2:
Bantam AA  - 5:15
Bantam B1  - 5:30
Bantam B2  - 5:45
Peewee AA - 5:15
Peewee B1 - 5:30
Peewee B2 - 5:45
Squirt A        - 6:00
Squirt B1     - 6:15
Squirt B2     - 6:30
Squirt C       - 6:45

Tuesday December 3:
Girls 8U        - 5:45
Girls 10U     - 6:00
Girls 12UA  - 6:15
Girls 12UB  - 6:30
Girls 15UA  - 6:45

Wednesday December 4:
Mini-Mites 1
Red       -5:10
White  - 5:20
Blue      - 5:30
Gray     - 5:40
Black    - 5:50
Yellow - 6:00

Mini-Mites 2
Red      - 6:00
Blue     - 6:10
White  - 6:20
Gray     - 6:30
Black   - 6:40
Yellow - 6:50

Mites (Warrior Cup teams)
Gophers      - 5:30
Bulldogs      - 5:40
Huskies       - 5:50
Mavericks - 6:00
Hawks         - 6:10
Beavers      - 6:20

Please see the attachments below for order forms.  Ordering can also be done online, the link is in the brochure in the body of the instructions.

Thank you!


Ordering information from Picture Day Pro

Thank you for choosing Picture Day Pro for your BAHA hockey portraits!

We know it's important for coaches, leagues, and families to have a smooth Picture Day process.  So, we are happy to offer four convenient ways to pre-order your sports portraits:

1)   Use the order form envelope we supply (handed out by your coach or your manager).

2)   Print the attached PDF copy of our order form and bring it to Picture Day.

3)  Order online by clicking this internet link:

(Please print out the receipt and bring to Picture Day, if possible.)

4) If you need any assistance placing your order, call our Digital Print Center at 800-793-0112.

If your son or daughter forgets to tell you about Picture Day or forgets the Picture Day order form, it’s NOT TOO LATE TO ORDER PHOTOS!  On Picture Day our photographers will photograph anyone who would like to be photographed, whether they have an order form with them or not.

You can also order photos online after Picture Day using the same internet link (above).  Or give us a call at 800-793-0112 to place your order.

Please do not turn in late orders to coaches.  Give us a call or send us an email; we're glad to help!

We're excited to put our team to work for yours!

Picture Day Pro
Toll Free:  800-793-0112