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Fall Hockey

BAHA Fall Hockey Program

The BAHA Fall Hockey Program, will consist of skills based instruction, small area games and a scrimmage component.  The fall hockey program will focus on getting players ready for the tryouts and the regular season.  Great efforts were made to try and avoid as many scheduling conflicts as possible with fall activities.  We apologize in advance if there is a scheduling conflict, we simply are not able to avoid them all.  Thank you for your understanding.  

The program will be 2 ice sessions per week beginning the week of September 8th and running through the week of October 6th for a total of 10 sessions.

Cost -

Skaters - $105

Goalies - FREE!

Schedules are posted at the bottom of the page


Please note***

You must first register with USA Hockey and then use that confirmation number to register for fall hockey.  The USA Hockey registration and code are the same as you use for the regular season registration.  The USA Hockey registration stays with you for an entire season, you must register annually with them before you can register for BAHA fall hockey or regular season hockey.

Online Registration Now Open!

Please click the registration link (blue bar) below to register your players.