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BAHA Try Out Information

This page will be the default page for all tryout information throughout the weekend.

Please make sure to check here for any postings and/or schedules.

Tryout Information

2018-2019 BAHA Travel Team Tryouts will be Friday-Sunday, October 12-14.

Final Results will be posted on Wednesday evening October 17th.

 Below are the try-out schedules for the groups.  

Attendance at try-outs is mandatory, exceptions will only be made for school functions, church obligations and pre-planned/approved family events.  Those that miss try-outs for reasons other than those listed or opt out, will be placed on the lowest team at that level. If you are unable to make a try-out time please contact Jim Brau or Ryan Glas


Brainerd Amateur Hockey Association Tryout Process

Every fall, BAHA kicks off its winter hockey season with tryouts.  This is an exciting time for your player and an opportunity for them to showcase their skills.  The process, as developed by the Hockey Committee and approved by the Board, is designed to provide a fair environment for players to compete.  This results in the challenging task of placing them on teams that allow them the best opportunity for player development based on their specific skill set.

The tryout process features 4 sessions that span 3 days.  These sessions begin on Friday and conclude on Sunday.  The first session is used to assess basic skill levels. Evaluators are interested in reviewing forward/backward skating, crossovers, transition skating, shooting (power/accuracy), stick handling (puck control both on forehand/backhand) and passing (power/accuracy/situational).

The following 3 sessions are used to assess the above as well as intangibles in game like or scrimmage situations.  Evaluators are looking for proficient use of the individual skills listed above as well as competition level, grit, hockey sense, effort, attitude and team play

Evaluators may move players into different groups so they can assess team and individual player matchups as needed.  The movement is intentional and with purpose and tryouts are not complete until they are complete.

The evaluators assessing the above are picked by the Hockey Committee and are selected based on their knowledge of hockey, hockey experience and ability to make hard decisions in favor of player development.  BAHA uses non-biased evaluators that either do not have a player in our organization or at a minimum evaluate at a level where their player does not participate.  In addition, anyone involved in the evaluation and selection process that has a conflict of interest at a certain level will not be allowed to participate in that part of the try-out process.

At the end of tryouts, evaluators will meet to come to consensus on player placement on teams. The Hockey Committee will validate the rosters prior to finalization.  Once teams are finalized the Hockey Committee will review all coaching applications, decide on coaches for each team and communicate teams on Wednesday evening of the following week (no parent coaches are placed on teams until after the tryout process has been completed).

As mentioned, this is an exciting time for your player.  Please remember that this is your player’s tryout, not yours.  Encourage them to work as hard as they can, pay attention to what’s asked of them and have fun while they are doing it.  Additionally, BAHA staff, Hockey Committee members and volunteers are working hard to keep the tryouts on time and are focused on evaluating players.  Please be respectful of the time and energy they are putting into the process and avoid approaching them with questions or comments while they are working through it. BAHA try-outs are partially closed and parents are invited to watch from designated areas.  Should you have questions regarding the tryout process please feel free to contact our Hockey Director prior to tryouts – Ryan Glas at (970) 214-9981.

Thanks in advance for your patience and support as we kick off the 2018-19 season!  Go Warriors!!!

On the schedules you will see "all"  that means all kids at that level attend that session.  You will also see "group 1" and "group 2"  on some of the schedules.  For these your player will be placed in a corresponding group and they need to attend that session that matches the group they are in.