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BAHA Try Out Information

This page will be the default page for all tryout information throughout the weekend.

Please make sure to check here for any postings and/or schedules.

Tryout Information

2019-2020 BAHA Travel Team Tryouts will be Friday-Sunday, October 11-13.

Final Results will be posted on Wednesday evening October 16th.  

Attendance at try-outs is mandatory, exceptions will only be made for school functions, church obligations and pre-planned/approved family events, injury or illness.  Those that miss try-outs for reasons other than those listed or opt out, will be placed on the lowest team at that level. If you are unable to make a try-out time please contact Jim Brau or Ryan Glas


Welcome parents and players to the start of another exciting season of hockey!  With the start of a new season, along comes the tryout process and schedule (listed below).   We want to give a short overview of the tryout process that may help answer any questions you may have regarding tryouts.

Tryouts will take place over three days with multiple sessions that will consist of skills, intra-squad scrimmages, 1on1's, 2on2's, 3on3's etc, small area games and scrimmages against out of town opponents.

The purpose of all the sessions are to help the evaluators best assess the players and place them in the appropriate groups and ultimately the team that is best suited for that players development.

During the tryout weekend, players will be placed into groups. Friday groups are based on the order of the date in which they registered for the other logic behind the Friday night groups other than that.  You'll see "group 1" or "group 2" also on the schedules, Friday groups are based as mentioned above.  Saturday and Sunday groups will be placed in those groups by the evaluators based on the assessment criteria they are using.  

Saturday and Sunday groups -
Your child will be placed in a group for Saturday and Sunday, the group they are placed in may change from day to day so be sure and check this tryout page for the current group list.  All groups will be updated prior to the upcoming sessions with enough time for the players and families to be able to get ready for the next sessions.  It is possible that your child may be in a different group during different sessions, so please check the group listing as soon as they're posted to be sure of your ice times.  We will also email everyone when we post the groupings.

Evaluators will be a mix of high school coaches and other community assets as agreed upon by the player development committee.  Evaluators will not evaluate a level where their player is participating at.  Some of the criteria that will be used for assessing the players will be:
Skating- forward, backwards, transitional etc.
Stick Handling - control of the puck while skating etc.
Passing - giving and receiving passes, accuracy etc.
Shooting - accuracy, hardness of shot, technique, quality etc.
Competitiveness, effort, hustle, board battles, hockey sense, positioning, awareness and more will all be things the evaluators will be looking at during the process.
The scrimmage piece of tryouts is vital to the evaluators to be able to see how the player performs in a different environment than a skills session or battling against their teammates during drills.

After Tryouts-
The Player Development Committee will convene and place all coaches, non-parent and parent based on the tryout results.  Final team posting will be posted on this page Wednesday evening by 8:00pm.  Please remind your players, that regardless of what team they are placed on, they all still play for Brained and have the pride to be a WARRIOR!

As a reminder, tryouts are not closed to the public but spectators will be restricted to certain areas during the weekend.  The areas available for spectators are:

Civic side - only in the warm area upstairs in the gathering area, or downstairs in the main lobby.

Gold medal - only allowed in the GM lobby.  No access will be available upstairs in the GM warm viewing area due to the tryouts.

Spectators are not allowed in the cold areas of the rink for the duration of the weekend.  For squirt parents that need to tie their child skates, we will make available a time to help your player tie their skates.  Also, No parents are allowed in the locker rooms per Safe Sport policy.  

All players will need to enter through Civic Center main lobby to check in and sign out their tryout jerseys.  These jerseys will need to be signed out on Friday and signed back in at the conclusion of tryouts Sunday.  Players that do not turn the jerseys back in on Sunday will not be rostered on a travel team until both tryout jerseys are returned.  It is vital that they keep track of their jerseys and do not forget them for the sessions at home or in the car etc.

While tryouts are not "closed" we encourage you to drop off your player for tryouts and go visit one of the many businesses in the Brainerd Lakes area.  The players will be under a lot of stress and pressure and having a lot of people watching their every move can add to that stress.  

Here is a link to a great article from MN Hockey about the tryout process for parents and players to read.  We invite everyone to read this article with your player prior to tryouts.

Schedules are posted below

On the schedules you will see "all"  that means all kids at that level attend that session.  You will also see "group 1" and "group 2"  on some of the schedules.  For these your player will be placed in a corresponding group and they need to attend that session that matches the group they are in.